Pierre Thibault

Group leader
Pierre grew up in Québec, Canada. After completing his PhD in Cornell University he was researcher at PSI (Switzerland), at TUM (Germany), and lecturer at UCL. He is now associate professor at the University of Southampton, working on the development of high-resolution X-ray imaging techniques. Most of Pierre’s work is currently supported by the European Research Council (starting grant “OptImaX”).

Hans Deyhle

Post-doctoral research assistant

Hans …

Sharif Ahmed

Post-doctoral research assistant

Sharif …

Stefanos Chalkidis

PhD Student

Stefanos was born and raised in Athens, Greece. He studied Physics at TUM Munich, Germany. After graduating as Dipl.-­Phys. Univ. and before starting his PhD at UCL, he worked as a research assistant at the TUM. Stefanos works on applications of ptychography with visible light, and on lab-based X-­ray phase-contrast tomography.

Venkata Sree Charan Kupilli

PhD Student

Charan has obtained his BSc from NIT-Warangal in India. He has obtained a MSc through MaMaSELF, an Erasmus Mundus program between LMU Munich, TUM Munich and the University of Torino. Charan now works on the development of ptychography at thebeamline I13 at the Diamond Light Source, and will focus on applications for nano-materials.

Simone Sala

PhD Student

Simone got his BSc in Materials Science at the University of Torino. Then, within the Erasmus Mundus European program MaMaSELF, he got a MSc in Materials Science from the University of Torino and the University of Montpellier 2 and a MSc in Applied and Engineering Physics from the Technical University of Munich. Simone now works on ptychography-based techniques in collaboration with the beamline I13 at Diamond Light Source.

Marie-Christine Zdora

PhD Student

Marie did her studies ….  She now works on phase-contrast and speckle tracking techniques in collaboration with the beamline I13 at Diamond Light Source.

Toby Walker

Masters Student

Toby is a 4th year student at Southampton whose project is on Speckle-based phase contrast imaging.

                                                   Ronan Smith

PhD Student

Ronan did his MPhys at Durham University before joining XNIG for a summer internship looking at scintillators.  His PhD project is entitled ‘Dark Field Tomography with a Liquid Metal Jet Source’, and he is currently working on commissioning said source.